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Homeowners/Condominium/Renters Insurance Quotes Request Form
<<Independence is number one>>. We are nonexclusive producers who represent an average of eight companies-not just one. PaulBalep can evaluate and compare the products of several fine companies to find you the right combination of coverage and value.
Homeowners Profile
To help our insurance representatives better understand your homeowners insurance needs, please provide the following information.

Privacy Notice: All information you provide is solely used for the purpose of providing you with quotes. We will never sell, give, or otherwise transfer your personal information to any person or entity other than the insurance companies, agents, and representatives selected. In some cases insurance companies we work with may request credit score.
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Please select the property type:
A. Single Family Home B. Multi Family Home C. Apartment D. Duplex E. Condominium F. Townhouse G. Mobile Home H. Other
Do you currently own (or are you in the process of purchasing) this property? yes no
What is the basic construction?
A. Frame B. Masonry C. Masonry-Veneer D. Superior
Type of fire alarm?
A. Central Station B. Fire Department C. Local
Property Accessories (Check all that apply)
A. Central Burglar Alarm B. Central Fire Alarm C. Smoke Detectors D. Dead Bolts E. Covered Deck
F. Fireplace G. Trampoline H. Air Conditioning I. Swimming Pool J. Tennis Court K. Fire Extinguisher
L. Uncovered Deck
Select discounts that apply?
A. Fire sprinkler system B. 24-hour guard C. Gated community D. Secure building
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What is the square footage of the residence? If over 5,000 sq. ft, please call for a quote.
Select the construction classification of the residence.
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Select the type of covering on the exterior walls:
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Is there a basement?
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Number of bedrooms Number of bathrooms
Current residence status?
A. Own B. Rent C. Live with parents D. Dormitory
Claims Summary
Please declare any claims or losses you have reported to your insurance company within the past 5 years. If you don't have any claims to declare, you can skip this section and continue.

Requested Homeowners Policy Coverages
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Cost to rebuild value:
Coverage for other structures:
Coverage for contents:
Coverage for loss of use:
Personal liability coverage:
Medical Payments:
Select your deductible:
Helpful Hints
  • Do you have collectibles? Your standard coverage for contents may not be enough to protect any special collection antiques, artwork or even jewelry. Ask about inexpensive endorsements or riders you may need.
  • Save up to 15%. Most insurance companies offer a discount when you buy both your auto and homeowners insurance from them. The savings can be as much as 15%.
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Where permitted by law, some insurance companies may confirm your information, through the use of consumer
reports, which may include credit score and driving record.
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